Create a Database Model or Entity Relationship Diagram

  1. To start your database model diagram, do one of the following:
  2. HideCreate a new model diagram from scratch

    HideUse a reverse engineered model diagram as a starting point

    HideImport and refine an existing model

  3. Once you start a database model diagram, the real work of refining it begins. You can add
  4. HideTables


    HideForeign key relationships

    HideData types


  5. To make other refinements to your diagram, you can
  6. HideCreate indexes

    HideCreate views

    HideSet extended properties for tables and views

  7. You can also add code for the following:
  8. HideCheck clauses

    HideStored procedures


  9. If the physical database was changed after you reverse engineered it, you can update your diagram to reflect those changes.
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